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City Adventures Team Building programs are the best in the business! Suitable for groups of 10 to 200+, experience unique programs designed for your entertainment. Enquire today and ask how we can deliver key business outcomes, create great memories and add to your business legacy.

Bikes for Tykes

Your team is the mechanic, engineer and ultimate gift giver. Watch for delighted smiles and overwhelmed joy when your company donates bikes to a special children’s charity.

Teams accumulate ‘bike parts’ by successfully completing low intensity and fun filled challenges. Test your colleague’s cohesion in a series of memory games, puzzles and activities. Once a team collects all parts, they are able to begin building their bike. Finishing first isn’t as important as doing the job right the first time. The best built bike will win the overall challenge.

Billy Cart Derby

The biggest race of the year has arrived. Welcome to the Billy Cart Derby!

In the lead up to the big event, teams have engaged in problems solving activities, competed in friendly games and accumulated Billy Cart parts. The construction of the Billy Cart has commenced and the unique artwork each team has added to their vehicle determines where they will start on the grid. Teams have collaborated, regrouped and strategized the race carefully. Drivers have been chosen, uniforms and safety equipment supplied and cart assembled. There is only one thing left. A legendary race around the track competing for glory and the championship.

Charity Drive

It is the gift giving season and your company is Santa, Easter Bunny & Tooth Fairy. Teams work together utilising their budget to buy or barter as many items for their selected charities. Following a carefully planned “To Do List”, teams fill a wagon full of goodies for a special charity selected by you.
Charities are nominated in advance, with teams receiving an authorization letter from their associated charity providing teams with permission to collect items on their behalf. Collecting food or blankets to give to homeless shelters, teddy bears and toys for kids with cancer or collecting items for the Salvation Army, these charities will pull on your heartstrings. Stories of bravery and courage are just around the corner.
Everyone is a winner in this charity team building program as teams leave with a sense of appreciation for the smaller things in life.

Commercial Kings

We’ve all seen those boring commercials on tele you can’t wait to be over! Your team has been employed to create their own commercial and add some much needed color!

Teams are given a scenario, props, face paint and a time frame to complete their commercial. Everyone has a role from narrator to a talking palm tree. After rehearsals, commercials are recorded and presented to other teams.

This is a great inclusive activity that will break the ice and build relationships.

Corporate Charades

In a humorous combination of Charades, Speed Sketch, Hum That Tune, Impressions and Down The Line games, this acts as a fun corporate team building activity that will build workplace relationships.

Playing for points in teams of 6, the Corporate Charades Champions will be determined by those with the best imagination and creativity. Competing against the clock and your corporate colleagues, obtain office bragging rights by knowing your colleagues thought process.

The more in tune you are as a team, the greater your chance to take home glory.

Event Planning

Sometimes, our valued clients have specific events they want to infiltrate but they just don’t know how. That’s ok, because our team of experts can construct tailored programs, conferences and events from start to finish.

Weather your event is audacious, simple or tests the boundaries, City Adventures can deliver your desired outcomes.

Flat Pack Attack

The key to any good relationship is to… test the boundaries?

Ok, so it may be an excuse to save on labour costs or do something special for a charity, however, nothing uncovers the traits of a team like the Flat Pack Attack! Too many chiefs and not enough Indians will make light work hard as teams race the clock and their competitors to collect parts and assemble their flat packs.

At days end, teams will be rewarded for their troubles as furniture is donated to family’s who have experienced hardship.

Health & Fitness

The sense of pride, accomplishment and newfound respect will bring your workforce together. Teams participate in a series of exercises that require physical and mental strength. This tailored corporate training session is designed for all fitness levels and will bring out those who can work together as a team when under pressure. We recommend a dress up theme to keep the program light hearted.

Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures is a self-fulfilling game where teams complete a series of problem solving missions to receive clues to the hidden treasure. What teams don’t know is, their team mates have had the treasure all along! During problem solving missions, teams interact and open up about personal goals, desires and discover what personality traits they posses. This program can also be utilised for goal setting, affirmations and staff feedback workshops. Positive feedback is collected by the pirates (City Adventures) and hidden away until teams follow the clues and find the treasure.

The treasure is hearing the kind, funny and inspiring words their coworkers have said about them… mixed in with a few chocolates. This is a great program to help individuals identify how they seen within the team.

It’s a Knockout

It’s mate against mate in this fun and friendly version of “It’s a Knockout”. Based on the popular 80’s tv show, teams compete each other to accrue points and bragging rights. Games can include; suited sumo wrestling competitions, inflatable wall climbing races, bucking bull rodeo challenges, bungee run, gladiator battles and much much more. At days end, a presentation ceremony will be held to present the champions with their prizes.

Mario Kart

Welcome to Mario Kart.

In this ultimate corporate team building program groups design their own kart, uniform and race around Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. Following their Mario Kart map, teams race on foot, collecting tokens aiming to be the first to the finish line. Picture teams dressed like their favorite characters including: Mario, Luigi, Toad and Wario, transporting their lightweight custom designed cardboard kart around the city. Now you have a fun corporate team building program with pictures and memories to share for years to come!

Mini Olympics

Participants are placed in ‘countries’ where they warm-up by creating and performing their very own national anthem. Athletes are then guided to selected sporting arenas where they will compete for points against other nations. Points are tallied after each rotation with bragging rights and gold medals up for grabs. Games are conducted in a playful spirit with participants differing in sporting abilities able to compete.

Minute to Win It

“60, 59, 58, 57….” The count down begins. The crowd’s anticipation builds. The contestants’ heart beats faster. The room erupts with cheers and applause. Contestants are in the zone and “…3, 2, 1” the game is over.

Based on the popular tv series, teams are given deceptively difficult tasks using household items. With over 15 games to choose from and company pride on the line, you have a minute it to win it!

This is a perfect activity to help teams unwind and develop rapport.

Mission Impossible

The Australian Embassy has just notified your team of a breach within their walls. A briefcase has been stolen which hides the secrets to some of the world’s most sensitive subjects. It is the duty of the operative agents to retrieve it before it’s too late. By completing a sequence of problem solving challenges, teams will receive clues moving them closer to the case. The mission isn’t over once its located. Teams will need to bring the case back to head quarters to decipher the code. Your reward awaits inside.

With twist and turns at every corner, it will take real leadership to complete this mission.

Photo Challenge

Your team is full of award winning photographers. The team has worked tirelessly for weeks to capture the best images of your city with you in them. However, a day before unveiling these photos at an arts exhibit, an evil villain has cut them up into small pieces in attempt to destroy your teams reputation. Being the quick thinkers you are, teams must find and photograph the locations in which the pictures were taken by reconfiguring the cut out pictures.

Teams have a deadline and may want to use a mode of transport to get to all their locations. Beware though, teams will face problem solving challenges which could send them on a detour!

Scavenger Hunt

North, South, East, West. Which Team is the best?

With map in hand and time ticking, how fast can you complete the City Scavenger Hunt? Your journey takes place on foot where teams strategically plan the quickest root to each location. Points are up for grabs for those who can find locations successfully. Photo themes are suggested at each location with teams who submit the best picture in contention for a prize. Have camera in hand because you’re going to want to share this with your family and friends.

Sports Day

Select a sport your co-workers are unlikely to beat you in. Think Oz Tag, Cricket, Volleyball, Touch or even Lawn Bowls. City Adventures will provide the draw, referee (who can be bribed) and winning prizes. The day allows teams to compete in a friendly and competitive environment.


In a series of challenges, teams face off in problem solving, team building and communication exercises that leads to immunity idols. At the conclusion of the event, teams can use their idols to avoid elimination in a trivia battle (this can be tailored specifically to your business or general knowledge). Avoid the words ‘the tribe has spoken” and become the ultimate survivor team. Survivor is a fun program that incorporates team inclusion and utilises strengths of all individuals to build the ultimate team.

Tastebud Test

You are the Gordon Ramsay of food sampling (without the dummy spit and utensil throwing). In teams, your mission is to identify key flavours and ingredients in a series of taste test challenges. Teams accumulate points for every correct answer. Cheeses, breads, meats, sauces, juices and ice cream are only some of the items on the menu.

Don’t worry about those rock hard abs disappearing, you will be able to walk off the extra calories on your way to the next location.

The Amazing Race

In way of bus, boat, bike, taxi or foot, teams must make their way to checkpoints around the city. Each checkpoint represents a new country and challenge. Teams are hit with roadblocks and detours, which require additional tasks, team inclusion and strategy. Race the clock and your competition to the finish line to be named “The Amazing Race” champions! Teams learn the importance of making deadlines, understanding instructions and working together in order to complete “The Amazing Race”.

The Fugitive

Lurking in the streets, sitting in a café, hiding in the bushes – the fugitive has escaped and doesn’t want to be found! In the fugitive’s efforts to vanish, clues have been left to find his location. Teams must decipher the clues and solve the puzzles to return him to captivity. Beware though, teams will need an eye for detail as the fugitive will do anything to avoid capture. Once found you must ask “are you the fugitive?”

The Next Picasso

What inspires your company and the people that are in it? Lets find out as teams bring the businesses core values to life in the form of art. With a selection of paints, brushes and canvases, teams provide their interpretation of the business in their own characteristic form. Every picture tells a story and so will the teams when they reflect on their masterpiece at days end.


Teams begin with group interaction, showcasing their general knowledge. Winning teams have the advantage of choosing the next category; including artists, sport, history, celebrities and cartoon characters. Points are accumulated through the event with eventual winners gaining corporate bragging rights.

The Ultimate

Teams are given tickets, tokens and passes to the best attractions in your area. Your rewards program entitles you to visit as many of them in the time provided. Select from an array of options including; 7D Cinemas, Jet Skis, Haunted House, Go Karts, Mini Putt Putt, Cruises, Water Sports, Land Adventures and Air Balloons. Be chauffeured in a limousine, drive a luxury vehicle or ride the bus? We throw in a few activities of our own for added entertainment. Be treated like a Hollywood Superstar with your very own person ‘paparazzi’ to capture your memories throughout the day.

The brief is simple – have fun and come back in one piece!

Team Building Programs 

 Important Information 

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    Program prices vary depending type of program, amount of people and location. Contact 0405 186 936 for more information.
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    Programs are available 7 days a week and times are arranged upon booking
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    30 Min – Full Day
  • When should we arrive?

    Arrive about 15 minutes before the scheduled adventure time.
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    Depends on the chosen program and your needs.
  • Will the adventure go ahead in any weather?

    Yes! There are fun activities in all weather conditions.

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